Hi there, I guess you could say I'm some what biased based on my reccomendation because I sell the product but believe me, previously I tried it all, MAC, Revlon Bobbi Brown, etc etc. I use Artistry Worn wet or dry, ARTISTRY® Ideal Dual Powder Foundation glides on evenly, adjusting to match your skin tone, leaving a weightless, airbrushed finish so silky smooth it looks flawless.

Supremely protects skin with antioxidants like vitamin E and grape seed extract. And the exclusive Veil of Protection helps prevent visible signs of premature aging, neutralizing free radicals before they reach the skin’s surface. Ideal for all skin types and available in 17 shades.

best of all, they have a 180 day money back guarantee, cant beat that, even if product was empty they would refund you. Feel free to PM me if you are interested in ordering or have questions. I can direct you to my website.