I'm glad you like your new haircut! I'd love to see before and after photos.

Today I tried the SM smoothie for deep conditioning--I should have known to stay away from it because the protein because it didn't do a thing for my hair at all. Absolutley no difference, and in fact, it felt a bit dry, which is what protein does to my hair.

The good news is that I found a new LI (insert singing angels here) which is CJ Smoothing Lotion. My hair responded really well to it (it feels soooo silky and soft) and it is slightly more moisturizing than the KCKT. I'm definitely switching to it for Winter than I'll go back to the KCKT for Summer.

Thanks for the tips on the coconut oil, bosanbo. I'll try it later this week and remember to use a spoon.
2C and 3A. Fine to Medium texture/Low Porosity/Medium Elasticity/MediumDensity. Looking for my HG products!