Hey everyone,
I just wanted to get opinions on a big decision I am facing. Ok so I grew up in Charleston, SC, born and raised, still living here. I love it here! The beach, the history, everything. My fiance and I met here, and he is originally from Dayton, Ohio. We have been together 4 years now, lived together for 3. We love each other very much and are very close. He is my best friend yada yada....Anyway, We have been struggling financially. I havent been able to find good work as I am under qualified. I have a part time job for an after school program. I also only have two years of college so far, but I am currently working on finishing. My fiance has always done construction so hes never done any college. So work is hard to find right now. We are young, trying to get on our feet. So his family who is in Ohio presents him with this opportunity to move back there. His dad owns his own construction company and my fiance would work with him and would receive 16 an hour starting out, his dad offered to put a down payment on a home/apartment, and offered to pay for a new work truck for him (we are also in a terrible car situation, we have no car, I've been borrowing my parents for work). My fiance also has a great solid plan to get me a car when he goes up first and gets settled there, then comes back for me. That sounds like a great opportunity! It could really get us on our feet. The problem is, I do NOT want to move to Ohio. I've only visited there twice, and I didn't even like visiting. Its way too cold, Its way different than what im used to. I also feel like my fiance needs to be more independent from his family and we should try to figure things out on our own. Not only that but I'd be leaving everything and everyone I know to go 13 hours away from home. Its a big sacrifice and I'd be entirely dependent on that until I finished school. Its scary for me, and I don't know what I should do. I think about alot of what if's, such as if it didnt work out. Has anyone ever experienced a similar situation? Or been faced with a big decision like this? Am I in the wrong for not wanting this? UGH..
Mostly 2B with 2C elements and quite a few random 3A corkscrews in my underneath layer. Re-tested my hair porosity and it is now low. I have fairly dense, medium thick hair.

Use: Shea Moisture Raw shampoo and conditioner, co-wash w/ suave naturals coconut, aussie ausome volume mousse and Herbal essence totally twisted gel.