I used to work for a joint replacement surgeon. 80% of his practice was MC pts. He's doing very well despite how little they pay (and I think it's decreased 2% recently) because the volume is huge. He's a specialist that does over 1K surgeries a year. So far he's ok. But the family doctor is what I fear is going to be no more some day. Med students are not going to go in general practice. If not a surgeon then a specialist.
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I don't understand this. Of all doctors, the family doctor is who you see most often. How do you go to a specialist most times if not first seen by your family doctor? Unless you self diagnose or seen from an emergency room situation. Most medical issues I have, my GP was instrumental in catching, then referring me to a specialist.

texture - medium/fine, porosity - low/normal, elasticity - normal
co-wash - NaturelleGrow Coconut Water or Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm Bark & Blue Malva Cleansing Conditioners
LI - KCKT mixed w/ SM C & H Curl & Style Milk
DC - NG Mango & Coconut H2O or Chamomile/Brdck Root
Gel - SM souffle (winter), KCCC (summer) or CR Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter Gel (year round)
Sealers - Virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado butter, Aloe butter
Ayurvedic treatments - Jamila Henna, Sukesh, Aloe Vera Powder, Hibiscus Powder