Honestly, even though it's more severe I have thought I wasn't as sick with pneumonia as I was when I had bronchitis. I don't get the same whistling with pneumonia every time, and while not necessarily feeling caught up in breath tend to not move enough air to have it cause coughing - and you don't always notice when the reduction in oxygen you get only slowly decreases.

I'm glad it was caught, though, and that you're on medication which should help it get better! Take care of yourself, and don't push it even though you'll probably feel fine and want to push faster than the doctors say you can.
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The doctor used me as a training device. I never wheeze or whistle so sometimes medical professionals don't take me seriously when I say I am having trouble breathing. He asked if he could use me for a demonstration. I agreed because I wish more medical profs understood the exceptions to the rules as well as the rules. He had all the nurses and PAs come in and listen to me. They were all shocked that there is no wheezing but they could all clearly hear the pneumonia down deep in my lungs. I felt a bit like a lab rat but was glad to open their eyes.

I felt even worse yesterday and slept on and off all day. Today I feel a bit better but am very weak. The coughing has now started, but I know that means it is working its way out and out is good!

Thanks for the advice and well wishes! I am off to take my zinc and wash it down with echinacea tea and honey and lemon. The antibiotics are working a number on me though. Ugh.