I cannot relate to the age difference thing itself but I do know about when you are with someone that wants different things out of life. I suggest making a list. What do you want to do? Have a child? Be a foster parent? Go kiyaking? hiking? travel? see local sites? get outside and exercise more? Include everything that interests you, big and little things. With the age difference, it is important that you both stay healthy and tv isn't a healthy lifestyle. Do you have a dog? Would you want to get a dog that requires walks and a lot of physical activity? Are you involved in church or community organizations? Have you ever played sports? Do you want to golf or play tennis or bowl?

I would suggest talking with him about some things you want to do and want to do them WITH him. Maybe you guys have just fallen into a comfortable rut and no one wants to suggest change because change is scary and can be hard.

Being married without kids doesn't mean you have to live a sedentary life as a hermit!!! Maybe making little activity changes will open your eyes to how much of a future you do or do not see with him. What if he will not change at all to spend quality time with you? Then you will have more information to make better life altering decisions.

You are not too old to have a child or adopt a child. Do not rule these out because he once said that he doesn't want children. Everyone is allowed to change their mind as they grow and mature. Both of you. However this is one instance where you cannot compromise so you may have to decide to give up having kids or give up your husband to have kids on your own.

I would start with recommending healthy lifestyle changes.