Thank you, kathymack. I think our hair is very similar.

I am looking for a liquid similar to CJ CIAB-- light hold and easy to SOTC as well as to run my fingers thru after styling to add volume and break up uber clumps. The gels seem to weight my hair down and are very difficult to SOTC. Mousses work but can be drying and some (depending on the ingredients) can weigh my hair down (Suave Captivating Curls seems to build up and weigh down after a while--even with a sulfate wash or cb wash). Do you have any suggestions? I see you have a few products in your signature, but I am not sure if those are a liquid or even a jelly with a lighter holds or have humectants which my hair seems to not like at all???

Also, did I read you sell samples? Can you PM me a link? I may be confusing you with another member.
2C and 3A. Fine to Medium texture/Low Porosity/Medium Elasticity/MediumDensity. Looking for my HG products!

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