I feel your pain. I am facing my own dilemmas in that area. I live in Ohio, he lives in IL. I don't want to leave Cleveland, but my reasons are different.

I have things that are keeping me here. A house that I owe more than it's worth, I've been with the same company for almost 12 years, and I run a small business out of my house so I would loose my workers. I also loss my mom in October so leaving my family at this point seems stupid dumb.

All that being said, I am considering the move. Why? Because I have to live my life. I have to grow. I have to change. I have to go where there is opportunity. Are there some challenges? Yes, and I need them all to be addressed before I made my decision, but I realize that one way or another, I will have to make room in my life for someone else. Even if I stay in Ohio, I will have to make sacrifices.

so like the others said, What do you really want? How can you benefit from this move? Are you prepared to let him go while you stay? Are there other options?