I diffuse everytime I wash which is about every 3 days. This is how I diffuse and it works for me. Except I don't twist my hair all the way around my head, sometimes just the clumps near my face. I also don't need to use the hairdryer to "calm my hair down" post diffuse. I just use my fingers to arrange the out of place curls. Then I'm done with my hair.

This series has other videos on curly hair, but I can't attest to them as I do not do them. I just diffuse this way.

Wet-Setting and Diffusing Curly Hair - MonkeySee
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Oh dear can I just say that poor Kelly looks miserable. The only time she seemed to calm was when the blowdrying demo was finally over. One time a stylist asked me to appear as the model for a video on her website and I was all . I'd only just met the woman too. I can only imagine how cringeworthy and awkward I'd have looked had I been crazy enough to do it.

The wet set tip is pretty cool and I'm excited about it. My hair doesn't seem to take to skipcurling but maybe I'll try just plain twisting towards the top when it's wet to encourage root curl, which I rarely get. I found it a little funny though that the stylist kept mentioning spirals and curls though when the girl's hair was a 2B. It was lovely, don't get me wrong, but she's definitely more wavy than curly. Also her hair was fine, low density and not on the frizzy side. I fear my hair would frizz out if I were to turn the diffuser on and just keep it on, blowing this way and that. But then again I might get root volume that way if I were to angle it right. I don't know. All I know is my first two experiments with blowdrying my hair doesn't look any different from when I airdry, which is both good and bad as I'm aiming for more root curl and a bit more volume on top. Guess i'll have to crawl out of my comfort zone.
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