Over-conditioning - hmm, quite possible. Sometimes I get great results from a light conditioner, like Yes to Tomatoes. And last week I shampood with a coco betaine and got great results. So confusing! So, should I alternate my conditioners? CurlyIndianGirl, I clip up my hair for volume, and so if I did not apply a gel roght over CK, or mix them together (did you ever try that?) my hair would be about 25% dry and I would not be able to do a thing with it at that point. I dont apply products to soaking wet hair, but it is blotted, and I think if I did apply to soaking wet hair, nothing would absorb.
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yes, LP hair doesnt do well with products on soaking wet hair. For me I keep CK and gel separated. thats the main reason I do finger twirling.

our hair is coarse, so If we do smoothing product then scrunching(which I need for my long curls) its all wonky frizz, its hard to manipulate coarse hair- atleast thats my understanding.

So for me if I take a big chuck and twirl it, curls form nicely then if I do scrunch, it clumps good without those wonky frizz.

Also, if in case we apply products to soaking wet hair, we could get good clumps by just smoothing and scrunching, but thats ruled out for us. I think Coarse Hair+Low porosity+ 3a for me makes it even difficult to follow just regular smooking/scrunching

In the end for me atleast I think it more about the technique than the product itself
If at all any of this makes sense.
3a with some 2a-2c, Medium/Low Porosity
Co-wash:deva no-poo/Vo5 kiwi
Leave-in:Shea Moisture/GVP conditioning Balm/AOHSR

Since long hair- I finger twist in big chunks, which helps till 5th day hair
Gel:LA sports
Plop: Old T-shirt for 15 minutes ,diffuse