I'm really confused and frustrated about my hair at the moment...!
I started CG Feb. last year - before that I shampooed and conditioned and used conditioner as styling too (short hair photo below). Now I'm co-washing and using deep treatment 2-3 times a week and style with gel. My hair tends to dry fast - seems like it's getting dry while styling with gel...
My hair get's less voluminous and curls differently (long hair photo below). I'm not sure if it's because it's longer now or if it's the styling-thing... I've tried to style with conditioner but it seems like I can't quite remember how I did it before CG, because my hair get sticky and weird...

What to do...??? Can anyone give my some advise on how to get more volume and make it look more like it used to (pictures with short hair)...?

Thank you so much!

PS. I'm from Denmark and we don't have as many curly products as you do in US and coconut oil is very expensive...
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Modified CG since Feb. 2012
3B curls
Medium texture
Normal porosity