Like I was sooo into The Little Mermaid that I made everyone call me Ariel then I realized that she was 16 (!!) when she ran away and got married. Like, you are a chiiiild.

I couldn't deal with Cinderella. I never got why she didn't just...leave?

And I also couldn't deal with Snow White and her dumb a55 for many reasons. Like just going into some strange house and being like Oh Okay! when it's 7 strange men? Ugh I could never sit through that movie.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was when my parents got me Grimm's version of the fairy tales. Death! Bloody death!
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those were the first fairy tales i ever read! they are so awesome! then disney came along and ruined everything! little girls running off with men they hardly know. little girls living with men that dont know. little girls being abused by evil step others. little girls being kidnapped by giant beast. i'm seeing a theme here disney. why little girls being abuse all the time!?! likes sucks for the littel girls until some old man comes along and saves them? really? disney is evil!

disney princes be kinda hot though. cant deny that.