Obviously you didn't check it this time because there is hair in the product! But it's fine. Paypal refunded my money. And now everyone knows you're full of crap and I'm not the only person who has had an issue with you.. Anyway carry on and have a great day!
P.s There IS hair in the product, next time actually check it.
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I stand by my previous statements. *FYI Paypal gave you that refund as a courtesy. No money was taken from my account.
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That's fine. And unfortunate. Whether it's 1 hair, 5 or 30 it's still trifling. But again have a great day sweetheart!
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I counted three hairs just from the images you posted. You'd have to be dumb or blind not to see it in there so it's clear that your are NOT "lying". I would have given the benefit of the doubt if it was just 1. Sorry you had this experience, and glad you got your money back!