I'm interrupting this thread to inform you all that my period started.

And I'm in pain now.

Carry on.
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HOLY CRAP!! are you serious? mine did too!!

i just popped some pain reliever and iron pills.

sidenote: its killin gme how so many of y'all had the hots for simba. he's a lion! a lion!
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Yupppp I started just before lunch. Then the cramps started during lunch blech. So I took some extra strength tylenol and now I'm buckled down til I can get home and watch scandal lol (I'm so behind but fitz just got shot and I'm the suspense!). Twinsies! Lol

Simba was doing work lion or not lol
Last relaxer: 8.4.10
BC: 9.6.11

when will your favs?