So I'm need tips on putting curly hair up! I have to keep my hair up for work as I work at a doggie salon, and its a pretty harsh environment. It can get very humid and I get a frizzy fuzzy halo, not to mention all the dog hair that gets stuck in my hair.. sometimes it looks like a white wig.. haha. Anyway!

How do you pull your hair up out of the way? Usually I just pull it into a ponytail/bun but thats just blah, but I feel my elastic is probably damaging my hair or putting a dent in it. Not that it matters, because my hair wont hold its curl anyway.. I usually end up having to rinse it out when I get home.

The elastic headbands WILL NOT stay on my head. Regular ones barely will for that matter.. I must have an odd shaped head. I've tried looking for bigger thicker ones in stores but to no avail. Also, I'm thinking silk or satin would be ideal because dog hairs will cling to just about anything!

Anyway, I'd appreciate any help!
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Somewhere in the 2b-c/3a range! Low porosity, protein sensitivity?

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