Very interesting that you bring this up. I've been CG for 5 years(?) and I remember for the first 3 years or so, every product and combo I tried on my hair gave me great hair regardless of the wether or dew points and I live in a very dry climate. I continued trying a variety of products and then techniques..I began to notice things changed a little. I was keeping a journal of everything I tried (wonder where that is now?) but eventually quit writing things down. Other than harsh sulfates and silicones, my hair isn't really picky with ingredients. There has only been one product that made my hair feel terrible, like Barbie hair , so I got rid of it. I've never really had issues with build up for the most part.
I've been trying to remember what I was doing differently. If I remember correctly, my routine was similar to yours..

cleanse (no poo, low poo or shampoo bar) and condition,
apply leave in and plop for a few minutes while I got dressed,
apply my curl cream or base styler, comb or use a denman brush and scrunch with a T-shirt/MF towel
**add my gel and plop another 5 minutes or so
diffuse (85-90%)
air dry and SOTC...done.
**i have at times used only one "styling" product instead of a curl cream+gel**

I'm pretty positive that was when I had my best hair days. I have revisited this routine again. For me it seems that scrunching with a T-shirt or MF towel in between helps "set in" the products. Otherwise my hair would take a very long time to dry and would sometimes feel producty or just wouldn't do well. Almost like the products would sit on my hair and not get absorbed properly. My hair can actually take heavy and rich products with no problems otherwise. I'm glad you brought this up. Thank you!
There are products that I prefer and will stick with now that I've experimented but do believe that technique plays a very large part of the end results for me.

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