Hits: Baba de Caracol Shampoo, Rinse and Treatment. Poo cleaned my hair and scalp without stripping it. Rinse made for a super easy detangling session.and softness. The treatment was moisturizing, softening and conditioning. My hair felt great, and I had very, very little shed hair in the comb.

Hit: Crece Pelo treatment- thick, conditioning, and very softening at a terrific price. May replace my Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque.

Hit: Komaza Aloe My Hair moisturizing Spray. I used it for refreshing, and spritzing my twists.

Hit: Komaza Aloe My Hair leave in. Very moisturizing and good for detangling.

On the Fence: GVP Paul Mitchell The Conditioner.

On The Fence: Using Giovanni Direct alone without adding oils and avj./avg.

Hit: maintaining moisture and protein balance of hair.

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