I use henna.

My hair in the winter, was always brown with a red tone. but in the summer it turned a brighter red. but not all over, in patches. people would ask me what happene to my hair. Who did such to me? WHy would i color my hair red in patches? why do i have a bad dye job? once a lady on the bus stop told me i wouldnt be able to get a job with my hair colored all crazy like it was. but it wasnt my fault. it was the sun. It brighten my hair red in strange patterns. and it wasnt pretty, it was ugly. So i discovered henna. my hair is not as bright in the summer as it use to get. but no more patches of red and people wondering what happened.

Anyone else like to confess something?

I will probably have more things to confess. but the henna thing's a starter.

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