If the dad is willing to help his son get a car and house and ohio, would he be willing to help him get those things in SC? you say you have no car right now. if he had a relaible car he could look for jobs in sc that is driving distance away. get what i am saying?

if his dad is not willing to help him do this, i feel his dad his using this as a way to suck his son in maybe? "if you come work with me, i will give you a car and house. if not you can make due with what you got or dont got."
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yeah, but maybe the father isn't doing that maliciously...just would really benefit from the son working for him? And could then would be in a better financial position to help him?

I think it's a little different to say, I will buy you a car. And I will buy you a car if you're putting in 12 hours a day working for me.