I would probably be spazzing if I was in your situation but as an outsider looking in, I say, can you transfer your job too? Will your job help you find a place there to work? (if it's like a company or store whatever) If so, Just go and if you hate it, go back.

I mean, you can go and not struggle and just hate living there, or you can stay and struggle.

But if you really really loathe the idea, then stay, maybe he can go for a bit by himself and then come back?

I mean maybe if someone in SC would decide to do work on the roads maybe there would be more jobs, I'm just saying, it's like a third world country. The roads....potholes on highways....sick joke. No streetlights, people up north be like "why is it so dark here" Driving through the forbidden Forrest, I swear. End rant.