When i went in the first time my insurance covered 80% of everything. I made less then 200 out of pocket. which is why i wwen tot a dental school. i still have to pay a portion and this was the cheapest option. The upcoming appointment is just consultation and my insurance pays 100%.

i signed finacial papers saying that i will cover everything if my insurance doesnt. but i dont remember signing anything else. i will check when i get there.

my dentist says that the surgeon did a good job, except for the one piece. it is on my right side and he was sitting on my left, so i could see how it could had missed it i guess. but the dental assistant was on my right and missed it as well. i was high on laughing gas so i dont know. i still have all feeling in my face.

even if the tooth fragment is a caveat emptor moment and i signed a waiver, would they be responsible for my next tooth getting messed up because of the piece of tooth? they wont have to remove that peice, but fix the tooth next to it if it needs it. the tooth fragment is right next to my tooth, touching it. my dentist thinks foods particles are geeting in there and of course i cant get them out, so something bad is going on with my root of the tooth. sometimes when i chew back there it hurts. but not unbarable. and i didnt even notice it, because i was so use to the pain from my wisdom teeth when they were still back them and impacted