i used to wear nothing but ponys. low ponys, high ponys, middle ponys, side ponys... lol.

now i mainly wear my curls loose. but my fave go-to lazy day style is the messy bun. i pineapple at night and in the morning i modify the pineapple into a bun by twisting the scrunchie once around as if tightening the ponytail but not quite pulling all the hairs through.

if i want to get fancy with it, i pull out some curls around the face. (pic is from valentine's day)

and actually, my new thing is two low ponys. you know, pigtails. sorry, no pics. i wear them loose or bunned (a la princess leia). it's fun and funky.
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3c-4b. probably.
medium/coarse texture.
(extremely)high density.
low porosity, normal elasticity.
co-wash: suave naturals daily clarifying condish with drops of rosemary oil.
detangling conditioner: tresemme naturals.
deep conditioner: curly kinks curlycue renew, b.a.s.k. cacao bark, honey/evoo.