i used to use that got2b kinkier mousse as a curl enhancer, then gel on top. wurlylox is right. never works the other way around.

i stopped using mousse because of all the chemicals. my hair does fine with conditioner and a little gel on top now. i think the key with layering is not using too much of any product. with my low porous strands, i only need a little of each styling product. because my hair is also coarse, the curl pattern is strong enough not to need a lot of product even though i also have very dense hair.

although, i'm sure this is not the case with every low porosity, coarse, thick-haired curly.
3c-4b. probably.
medium/coarse texture.
(extremely)high density.
low porosity, normal elasticity.
co-wash: suave naturals daily clarifying condish with drops of rosemary oil.
detangling conditioner: tresemme naturals.
deep conditioner: curly kinks curlycue renew, b.a.s.k. cacao bark, honey/evoo.