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I big chopped on this Monday! Yay Me!!! The whole Type thing confuses me because the "stars" in the 3 and 4 section, a few look chemically treated or wigged (not that there's anything wrong with that but it is confusing).

I'd like to know for curiosity sake, (being honest) and the beautician who cut it told me that she prefers the use of creams as opposed to gels. I'm at a loss with all of the cream availability for my "type" of hair, whatever my type is!

Thank you for your sincere help! And I am loving the getting up and going!!! I should have done this years ago. I joined this site in 2009, but I kept returning to the relaxer (2x per year) but suddenly, at age 51, I caved and I LOVE IT!!! Name:  photo(5).jpg
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I big chopped on 03/25/2013!!!

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Hair Type: ???

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