Hey my names Kaysi! I have 3b hair with low porosity and high density. My hair is very dry/ frizzy... and i can only get this look if i spend an hour and half doing it, which i dont have time for anymore. Ive been using Devacurl one condition and anGel gel. I aslo use morricann oil deep conditioner once a week. However, once i brush out my hair it grow 100 times its size. I been wanting to change my products to something that will make my curls easier to deal with, softer, less frizzy, and overall healthier! I was thinking about changing my conditioner to Jessicurl too shea extra moisturizing conditioner, my gel to Curly hair solutions Curl keeper, and my once a week deep conditioner that i hope to really refresh my dry frizzy curls into beautiful, soft, healthiness (my dream texture is to be a 2b girl which probably will never happen )with Curl Junkie Curl Rehab moisturizing hair treatment. Im really scared to switch all my products though because if i dont get them right i will be stuck with aawful hair for weeks. I was hoping to get some advice from fellow 3b girls ! Tanks
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