So I've been having some trouble finding a good leave-in (granted I've only tried 2 so far).

My hair is 2B/C, low porosity, fine. Seems to like protein so far (gelatin treatment). Fairly easily over-conditioned.

CJ Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion: LOVE the slip and detangle, but I feel like it's just too much for my hair (maybe too much moisture?). It seems to make my hair flat, especially at the roots, and if I use any more than a micro-drop, my hair looks oily and just kind of...blah. I was getting good clumps with this one, though. Lately, I've been adding some to my RO instead.

Design Essentials Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion: I got this as a sample and decided to give it a try. I like that it contains protein, but IMMEDIATELY after I apply this, my hair gets stringy. I apply my LI while still in the shower to soaking wet hair, and this will immediately start to break up my waves/curls into tiny clumps, even if I smooth it on. To make matters worse, it seems to make my hair fluffy after it dries.

Can anyone offer me some advice? Or possibly suggest a LI that you like to use? I've been thinking about giving KCKT a try. This has become pretty frustrating
2C/B; Low porosity; Fine; Med. density

Low-Poo: L'Oreal Evercurl
CO: V05 Kiwi Lime
RO: SN Coconut; CJ Smoothing Lotion
LI: Ouidad Curl Quencher
Style: CJ CCCCL; CiaB; FSG!
PT: Gelatin
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