Thanks for your reply! Yes I will start co-washing now I've got that initial clarifying out of the way.

I don't normally wash my hair every day, but I am going to at least rinse it today and apply more conditioner - I think it needs it, definitely doesn't feel as nice as when I use cones.

I'll have to do some reading on dewpoints...sounds rather complicated!

Well I'm glad it's normal for hair to look crappy before it looks good. I honestly can't remember what my hair was like on CG last time, but I was a very angry individual when it came to my hair back then so hopefully I will do better this time!

EDIT: Just remembered you mentioned using my rinse out conditioner as a leave in. I will give this a go I think. I've always been scared of using rinse out as a leave in for some reason!
2c/3a thick hair, attempting CG again!

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