I'm new to the site (although I read the book years ago.) I've always had very, very fine hair with some degree of curl. Before moving to the desert 17 years ago I lived in Michigan and had long, thick, reliable Botticelli curls. Those are impossible here in the desert. The hair I'm dealing with now is more of a 2b or 2c (reluctant, wavy curls that want to come out.) Over about 3 months I lost 30 - 40% of my hair to Lupus and it continues to fall out, only not nearly as much now (hair lost to lupus doesn't come back.) I don't blow-dry, I don't use products....but I think I'm ready to since the hair loss really makes my hair look pathetic. I'm also approaching 40--I'm not sure how that factors in.

I'm hoping to find styling and product advice here (esp. products that are easy to buy in any store right off the shelf.)

Thanks so much!

p.s. There's just one other styling challenge--I'm severely photosensitive and have to wear either a long scarf over my head and face or a large-brimmed hat whenever I go outside and even in brightly-lit buildings.