Holy ****. I've been pretty impervious to all this Disney talk. I don't want to **** with my memories. They are what they are.

But Ursula being mentioned reminded me of my favorite family member in Mexico. She and I were thick and thieves. We bought two of everything in different colors so that we could match. I've never been like that with anyone else in the whole world. We planned for a future where we lived next door to each other and had kids at the same time (yeah right! Shes got like 6 now. I've got none. Nor am I going to.) I loved her. She was like an extension of myself. But prettier. More popular. Knew everyone. We joked that we would be famous together. I would say that the marquee would say HER NAME and curlyminx... in the shadows of the lights that will be shining on her name.

Anyhow. We went to an aunt's house at the beach and we were all in the pool. All the little kids wanted us to play Little Mermaid. Where she was Little Mermaid and I was Ursula. Because I was ugly and my hair looked like it.

It hurt. Even if I say it, you don't gotta.
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Effe them!!!