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Interestingly, the majority are religious based signs or came with religious comments.
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lame. If that's how you protect marriage, then I will never protect marriage, in fact I shall destroy marriage with my mjolnir. No marriage for no one.

I agree with you iroc, I still don't understand why anyone cares about someone elses sexual orientation.

I remember when I was in like 5th grade my mom was watching Jerry Springer and she randomly attacks me like:

then she was like " I don't care if you want to be with a woman, I will love you no matter what"

I was all like

I'm like in 5th grade ya dingus....I don't even know what sex or love is. And I thought boys had cooties (they still do) so really.

sometimes I just wanna ask my mom:

But she's a nice lady. Sometimes...

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