I have had good luck plopping overnight' ! I use soft old t shirts that are a little small for me. The first time I go for about 15 minutes then I change to another one to sleep in. The first one gets soaked pretty fast. In the morning my hair Is still a little damp and the curls do look strange but I spray with water and let them fall naturally after that. I also have fairly short bangs that I am trying to grow out so I put in some foam rollers so they match the rest of my hair. If a do a wash n go my hair will be wet until mid afternoon and it is too cold here for that nonsense plus I have NO patience to diffuse.
2C/3a, Medium Texture, Normal porosity, High Density, Normal Elasticity (so says the LCLF Hair analysis)
Co Wash: As I am
RO: Yes To Carrots / Ion
LI: Biotera / Samy Big Curls Defining Cream
Gel: FSG, Volumax (Original and Mega)
Color: Henna
Tools: Diffusing