literary stuff as in what makes a book a classic, what doesn't, the "value" of some authors over others. I really don't understand a lot of it - I love books, I love to read -and if it's entertaining, I'm happy (and sometimes I have a hard time with the "classics" - I get bored or hate characters, etc)

I have friends who won't read certain authors and will quote passages saying "I can't believe how poorly written this is!" - it has to be really horrible for me to comment like that (I actually can't think of an example)
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It's really funny you say that because I am a college student and am taking Shakespeare. It's a great learning experience but some people get too carried away. If I don't like one of the plays, people look at me like I committed a crime. Just because it's a classic, doesn't mean it has to be liked. Like you said, if you like the book, you're happy. That is pretty much how I am.
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