My mom has her electric razor plugged in the kitchen, her living room is weirdly arranged to accommodate only her, her toilet paper rolls are on the counter bc she thinks the holder is at a weird angle and doesn't like using it......I say the same thing. You obviously live alone! Lol

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Yes I do these too, except it's my epilator.

RCW I love living alone..and I always wanted to end up not alone(with a dude/husband) but then I get really scared about sharing space. I think that I would want my own bathroom and closet. And what if we don't decorate the same way? And I have to accomodate his crap. And he'll just be in the way. Ugh.

ETA - Also I wax my legs and sometimes bikini area in the living room while watching tv. Although I'm not shy around guys, does he really need to see that?? I'm not locking myself in a room or bathroom to do that, no way.

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