Best thing I did was to stop trying to layer on multiple styling products.

I co-wash and use a rinse out. I put my leave-in on wet hair (although not soaking wet hair, I maybe squeeze my soaking wet hair once to get out a bit of the water before raking in and scrunching my leave-in) and then I plop for five minutes. I then use one styling jelly. I really love Eco Styler Olive Oil. I use a lot of it; I throw my head upside down and then scrunch in a three-finger scoop in four or five sections of my hair (and I have medium-low density hair). I plop again, with a dry MF towel, for maybe 10-15 minutes. When I remove my plop, I will move my curls around a bit so they fall correctly and then smooth/scrunch another smaller scoop of the Eco Styler jelly over the canopy. Finally, I diffuse.

This routine results in beautiful, shiny curls and no frizz. Plus, I feel like the Eco Styler is light enough (even though I use so much) that I can get great volume and root curl when I diffuse.

This routine has given me awesome second-day hair and pretty decent third-day hair. All I have to do is spray some water on the canopy, scrunch up my wet hair a bit, and go.
2C/3A, medium-fine texture, medium density, normal porosity, normal elasticity

Co-Wash: Deva No-Poo
Rinse Out: VO5 Shea Cashmere
Leave In: Kinky Curly Knot Today
Styling: Eco Styler Olive Oil