I'm gearing up to spend the weekend with my extended relatives, between a kid's birthday party and Easter. This is what I'm facing...



Video games--and I don't just mean like real gamer games, but also those stupid Candy Crush or Ruzzle or whatever people are playing these days, and what level you're at.

Major suburban brand trends, like Coach or Vera Bradley, where people seem to know so much about the different patters or styles and whatnot. Buy a bag because you like the bag, not because it's some popular status symbol. And if you're gonna care so much about the bag, why not spend a least a little of that effort and change out of your bootcut jeans and newbalance sneakers and men's tshirt, mkay? OK, sorry, I got totally carried away there.


Anything happening with the menu at chain restaurants and/or fast-food joints

Edited to add: how to save money on stuff I don't want to buy anyway. This always seems to be a major topic. "You know, if you drive to store X, and buy it there, and then go return it at store Y, and then take the receipt to store Z, and then mail in the rebate to address J, you can save 44% off of that $5,000 television you don't have space for!"
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