I'm using the Yes To Carrots leave-in and really like it. My hair was horribly dry, and as soon as I put this in, it was just heaven. I could hear the angels sing. Anyhow, I'm not sure if it would be too moisturizing because you did say your hair gets over-conditioned easily. I use it every second day, and so far I don't think my hair is too moisturized. On the plus side, it has protein! At first I put in a small amount because this product really did make my hair soft and awesome, but now that I don't think it over-conditions it, I put in about double than I did before. And we seem to have similar properties.

I have to admit though that I sometimes think this leave-in may be weighing down my hair... I might try a naked hair test and report back.
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I have been trying the Yes To Carrots leave-in recently too! I really like the ingredients, and my hair seems to like it in really low dews. I think it might be weighing my hair down a little, though. I'm worried it won't work out once it gets warmer and more humid (if that ever happens... longest winter ever!)

Naked hair tests are disasters for me. I just end up with a giant poof-ball, because I can't stop myself from running my fingers through my hair as it air dries.

ETA: I have also liked the regular Yes To Carrots pampering conditioner as a leave-in. It is much lighter than the YTC leave-in. It has some salts in it, which can be a little drying, but since my hair gets overconditioned easily I feel like this helps sometimes.
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