Gah. I can't wait till I'm long enough for a pony again. It's getting long enough that I hate feeling it on my neck when I run! Maybe by the time it's 90...

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Originally Posted by curleeangel
This is exactly where I am right now. I can't wait until I can put my hair up again!

I used to wear my hair up every single day (messy bun, high pony, low pony). Even when I wore my hair "down," I was constantly taking it in and out of a low pony in some odd attempt to control frizz haha. Then I got a job in the real world and decided I needed to learn to wear my hair down... and chopped it off to my chin.

Right now when I work out, I pull the top half up into one pony, and then do a second pony on the bottom. It's really not a good look.
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