As I see from the other thread and at work, most women don't like sports. It's so frustrating because I LOVE them. I've always like the Braves, and just my team, not even baseball but now I like baseball. I got into basketball and football because of my ex. Basketball is fun to watch live but football is the most interesting to me. I hate that my current bf is only into basketball(and really just the Heat) but at least he'll watch football and likes going to the braves games with me.

I find the big games so entertaining and exciting. And when it's your team, that rush you get in the playoffs and the do or die games, the excitement, fear, joy..that feeling, it's almost irreplaceable.

I find myself getting interested in other sports as well. I've never been into college basketball but I'm the pool at work and I won last year(by researching and copying a bracket from a good source - i know nothing about college ball). I'm really excited about the final games which are apparently going to take place in my city.

I also enjoy the social aspects around sports since I like drinking, eating, and partying.

I'm excited to go the home opener next week (Braves vs Phillies) and it's going to be 70, yay! But what sucks is that most of my female friends are not into sports and it's just funner to go in a group. So next Monday it's going to be me and 7 other dudes. Urgh. I'm trying to get my coworker to find a girl to come. It's just nice not to be at a sausagefest all the time.