I'm getting lazy. I have no patience to style my hair every day. All I want to do is take a shower, comb my hair, go to bed, wake up, comb again, and walk out the door. It does take a lot of the curl pattern out. It goes from a 2c to straight but with nice body and volume and some wave at the end. I think it looks fine. Admittedly I like it better when I style it curly annnnd it turns out good, but for the majority of the time when it doesn't look good, brushing it looks way better. Plus it feels better. No unnecessary product-y feeling. Plus it looks better in a pony tail this way. I wanna grow out my hair. I cut it shoulder length not too long ago, it's now a few inches below my shoulders. Is this gonna make it harder to grow by breaking the ends more? Cause that'd suck.
2B, Coarse, Low-Medium Porosity, Dense.
-Cowash - Kiss My Face Whenever.
-Rinse Out/Leave in - Nature's Gate Biotin.
-No stylers.