It's crazy here because of the U of A basketball game tonight - Sweet 16 in LA.

We used to have season tickets near the floor, and I LOVE college basketball! I dislike pro basketball, but would love to go to games live. I'm not a huge football fan in large part because I don't know much about it and just the simple downs/trying to score isn't enough to make it interesting to me. Again, I like it live though! Most sports are fun live - though the funny thing is the one sport I MUCH prefer on tv is horseracing. Of all sports that's the one you'd think I would prefer live when I can see the horses - but you actually see more of them on tv.

Baseball is my sport of choice to watch, with many memories. My dad has coached an American Legion (high school aged kids' league) team since my brother was in high school. He was saying the other day he's had over 100 kids drafted and over either 300 or 400 go on to play college baseball. VERY cool. I love going to games with him and we look at things like pitch selection, location, problems with pitchers' mechanics, holes in the batters' swings, field position of the infielders, etc. We also keep score. I just really enjoy it, though I might not without all the knowledge I've gotten from him. I miss having a Major League team to cheer for, but after the Diamondbacks basically gave the middle finger to Tucson, causing us to lose spring training and taking away our minor league team, I figured I had no reason to be loyal to them. I had a partial season ticket package through their horrible years and their World Series season, but haven't gone to see them since they left town. I still would out of loving baseball in general, but it's not worth driving 100 miles each way regularly for a team who screwed our city over like that.
My first ever hockey game was a playoff game in Montreal. We were up there to watch the Diamondbacks play the Expos on their first road trip to Canada (I was in NH at the time), and my friend who drove asked if we were willing to stick around for a hockey game if he paid. We were in the top row but a good location on the ice, and he sat between us and explained rules and strategy to us. It was the most electric environment I have been in, and Montreal won to go to the next round (whatever it's called in hockey) of the playoffs. VERY cool.
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!