Thanks for all the responses. I haven't had a chance to come on here in a few days.

I forgot to mention my hair is relatively long. When it was shorter, I actually used to wet it several times a week, but these days even washing loose is not an option.

I've put my hair in loose twists now, and I think I'll probably stay in these for a couple of months (redoing them every 2 weeks I think). I've been wetting every other day, following up with conditioner and sealing.

Like you Ricotdorothy, I was a bit worried about the twists meshing (especially as they're quite loose), but so far so good. I've been taking some down randomly to see. I think the detangling properties of the conditioner stop them from locing. So I'll continue for a while and see how things go. Make sure to report back.
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I have run into an issue. My hair is low porosity so rinsing it this often means my hair is wet a good bit of the time (it takes to 12 to 18 hrs to dry).
At three times a week it means that it is three times a week I will have to walk around with damp hair all day. I don't know if anyone may have any suggestions?

ETA: I think I will just take it down to twice a week (every 3-4 days) and report back.


You never stop learning...

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