I got much neater loser curls today, and I think the key was supersoaking, letting the curl kind of set, and then using the diffuser to dry my hair without lifting it or flipping my head, so letting the air travel down the shaft to smooth and not touching the hair much with the bowl. I also used a high heat which reduced my drying time and my frizz (but 50% humidity is a dry day where l live so drying is a constant nightmare)

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2C, Medium thickness, Low posity
Recovering from a year of keratin and bleach with CG


Low Poo, Condition, Leave in, Curl cream, Supersoak, Gel, Diffuse on high heat, with minimal lift to encourage waves and reduce frizz, Dry on cool with nozzle down to smooth hair and finish drying,Shine Serum

Weekly gelatin protien treatments.