We were installing a tank kit on our toilet. DH took over the work leaving me to read the instruction. We get to this part where it says to move your hand up and down the shank to increase its height, complete with an suggestive illustration. I'm giggling like a 12 yr old. He's giving me a rather impatient look like he was thinking come on, really? I offered to finish it myself if he's in such a bad mood. I said I'll happily pump his shank to make it bigger. DH, whose mind is usually as dirty as mine says, "I can do it myself."

After we finished, I asked him what was wrong, why he is in such a bad mood. He says he's not and asks why I think that. I explain it again, THEN he starts laughing. I asked why he wasn't laughing then, he said, "I was working!?" Men are weird.