i just cut my hair really short and im begging it to put it back up. if you chop make sure you dont cut too short or else you wont have the option of putting it up. I hate how i cant put my hair up when im sleeping, it gets in my ears. I hate washing it every single day. Windy days it messes up my short hair and then im stuck with it. my short hair doesnt look right untill its dry. there's barley any options for short hair. however when you do a big chop, shorter hair grows faster and i have to say wash and gos are pretty easy. but im very bored with my short hair. short curly hair can sometimes look "too cute." or childish looking. however I do love the very first pic of the cut you like. My hair actually looks like the second one. Im not liking it on me ;/ I guess if i go short again, im gonna go really short like the first one. think over it before you chop. I regretted mine and it wont be a year or a few months till i can put it up in a bun ;/