I'm procrastinating on contacting the GI doctor because the allergist thinks I should be medicated more and I really don't like the amount I take now...and am also procrastinating on contacting my insurance because I know they are going to be SUPER ANNOYING about paying their part of my therapy and I know I shouldn't be out of therapy this long but UGH what if they just refuse? What then? They'd better not be all "You've taken weeks/months to call, do you really need it?" because BIZNATCH THAT IS THE PROOF I NEED IT.

So many of my friends must think I dropped off the face of the earth soon after graduation, only to briefly surface to say I lost a family member and then slink back into the shadows. Do they even feel like my friends anymore? Is it just because I have nothing in my life that I still consider them a part of it?

Will I be able to get them back if I just message them out of the blue a few months from now?

Not now. I can't deal right now.

I want to make this post nicer in the end so it's not just "Happy birthday! And now for some suck." Um...I haven't been awesome about going to yoga lately but I have gone more days this week than not, and I went today. And even with the slacking, I've gotten both feet up for a bit in crow pose. Y I no have nice toned-up arms tho? lol

...It's a siggie.