I don't know why on earth I read any ant-marriage equality posts because they just make me SO INCREDIBLY ANGRY.

A "friend" posted this...


I can check-off a number of the negative ones for myself...I guess I had lesbian parents all along and had no idea?

The same guy always goes on and on about how he doesn't get how you can call yourself a "Christian" and support gay marriage...well, I don't know how you can call yourself a "Christian" and not accept everybody EXACTLY the way God made them. God made my gay friends the way they are, and God wants them to be happy and experience love just like everybody else in the world.

I'm Catholic...I'm religious...I also have many gay friends who have strong faiths...so that "they can get married but not call it marriage and only get civil ceremonies if they must" upsets me. I also know of many rabbis and ministers that have blessed gay marriages and I think that's so great. My gay friends are entitled to such a union just as much as anybody else.

And that "if this is legalized, what will happen next?" argument? GIVE ME A BREAK. Yes, if my friend Matt is allowed to get married, the next thing we know, people will be marrying owls.

It really makes me mad...I guess being in the NYC theatre world, I have mainly been surrounded by very accepting people who don't think twice about somebody being gay or straight, so when I meet others who feel so differently, it's a bit of a shock to me that somebody can be so ignorant.


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