No, I have horrible reactions to bc. Lo Ovral made my skin glow, but I was such an insane person. Once I punched my (ex) boyfriend in the head and jumped out of a moving car! Another one made me constantly hungry and I gained like 40 lbs. Even progesterone only pills made me nuts.

I had an iud put in, but I got the copper one bc I do so horribly on hormones. But my body didn't respond well and I had reactions with that as well.

My last resort was a diaphragm. It toom some convincing to my gyn bc they're so old fashioned. She kept trying to push other methods.

But seriously the diaphragm is the best bc EVER for me. I LOVE it. The fitting process was a little awkward. It took a couple of tries to get used to inserting it but now its super easy. I put it in if I plan on 'starting something', otherwise I may have to do a little 'hang on a second, lemme put my thing in' lol. Your supposed to use it w a spermicide, but that stuff is like acid to my cervix. *shudder*. Unless its a few days before or after my period, we use withdrawal too to add extra protection. Its good to use during your period too bc it catches the mess.

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