This is some scary ****:

could be dangerous
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Yeah, Chernobyl is pretty effing terrifying. I can't believe it's been 27 years. I still remember the news coverage.

Slightly different scary topic

The building of Atomic Bombs, also known as the Manhattan Project, took place not too far from my area in 1942. Oak Ridge TN. People found eviction notices on their door asking them to be out of their town in 2-6 weeks, many were forced out without compensation, the area was acquired, and the factory was built. My Grandmother worked there, like many other women. Waste was dumped into creeks, and it was rumored that barrels of waste were hauled into my state & county, and other counties in the area, and buried. People would see the loaded trucks come in, and they would leave empty. I do not doubt it, and I have plenty of strange reasons not to.
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This kind of stuff interests me and freaks me out at the same time.

Like I know we don't hear about it much, but I wonder how the radiation levels are at the plant in Japan that was destroyed with the tsunami.

I know they had people volunteer to clean up knowing that they'd probably die doing it. And the idea of that being so close to residents is super terrifying.

Idk if it weren't dangerous, I'd love to go to the Chernobyl site.
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