I then section off the bottom part and comb it back down (hard to explain - top half of my hair is hanging upside down, while the bottom half is combed flat against my neck). This prevents the bottom of my hair from getting caught up with the rest at the back of my head and being weird and matted. Super important to make sure that no hair is caught between up and down or it'll get matted and gross!

Then I let it sit for a minute or two, gently flipping my head right-side up so the hair isn't in my face - I don't get a ton of part control with this, but the volume makes up for it.
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Holy cow, I thought I was the only one in the world who did this!! I do it after wash/conditioner but before I add product, though. I keep a hair clip in my shower and I use it to clip all of the bottom section together at the nape of my neck (like a low ponytail) and it helps to keep that part from flipping over my head along with the top section.

2c/3a, fine, low porosity.

Poo: Garnier Fructis Pure Clean (yes, it has A Sulfate!!, but I have Teflon hair)
Co-wash (when I feel so inclined, which isn't often!): VO5 Kiwi Lime Clarifying Conditioner
same for both -- whatever I have in the shower at the time (I experiment a lot)
Style: EcoStyler Olive Oil <3
Dry: Diffuse or air dry, or both...depends on my mood