Since you seem really close with your stylist and like her, maybe ask her if she's interesting in going on a "hair journey" with you, to learn about cutting your hair dry to encourage the wave and also look good straighter? There's tons of videos out there, maybe the two of you together could learn some things and try them out?

I have a family friend from ND, so I know what you mean... I say stick with the stylist you like and ask her to learn about curly/wavy hair with you!

I've had good longer cuts that included minimal layering to encourage the curl, but the layering was even enough that if my hair was straight it still looked nice. It gave me good movement at the ends when it was loose and wavy. I find that a blunt cut, even when I wear my hair straight, tends to "poof" at the ends because the wave is still "in there" - it will never be stick straight and the ends just want to moooove!
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